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Sarp Yachts is proudly owned by the Kanatlı family. The family also owns the ETI Group Companies making Eti and Sarp Group Companies two of the most influential and innovative entities in Turkey. Together, they lead the way in a spectrum of business categories including aeronautics, logistics, insurance, food and marine industry, with more than 10,000 employees. They are significant organisations, but collaboration with partners and clients is the key to the way we work – we will always keep it personal.

Sarp Yachts has founded one of the largest (10,000 m2) and most modern facilities in the Free Zone of Antalya in South Turkey. It's specifically designed for the new-construction and refit of luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 80 m in length.

Sarp Yachts is the only shipyard which has Integrated Quality Management System with

 ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 OHSAS from American Bureau Shipping (ABS) in the Free Zone of Antalya.


Easy words to say, but few stand in their own truth when they speak them, because true quality is demanding. It calls for the purest principles, the deepest commitments and only the truly dedicated will ever measure up. But it’s worth the search if you can find the road. There are subtle landmarks along the way and a discovery that drives you forward, and when you find true quality, it’ll stop you in your tracks. A supremely crafted superyacht is an unforgettable discovery, and it also tells a story. 

A story of absolute precision, trusted engineering, the finest materials and beautiful spaces, designed to be shared. Ultimately it’s a story of those who built the yacht and their deep seated passion and determination to craft perfection. When this comes to life in an exceptional superyacht, you can be sure you’ve uncovered true quality. Yours, to enjoy and a story to continue.


At Sarp Yachts we take the long road to quality investing the time, refining the detail, gathering the best around us and expecting the best of ourselves. We believe when you craft things of beauty to create experiences to last, there’s no other way to achieve it. Our expert, in-house team ensured we achieved three certificates of Quality Evaluations from the American Bureau of Shipping We make sure the company we keep is both talented and respected, working with industry experts. Our philosophy and attitude underpin the way we work with deep-seated passion and determination to craft perfection.

EMRE SANDAN, Shipyard Manager


Is to be a shipyard having the competitiveness in the sector as well as being a leading and trusted yacht brand in the world.


Complementing our in-house design team, Sarp Yachts works with the world’s most renowned designers. More than ever before, the complexity of design, exotic materials and superior standards, stretch the boundaries of what can be built.

Sarp Yachts is one of the very few yacht-builders able to cope and even excel with such a challenge. We actively seek innovative and unusual projects and recent launches prove our ability to fuse luxury interior craftsmanship with complex exterior engineering.

Sarp Yachts is designed to have a timeless appeal. Creating an iconic yacht of which an owner can be proud of, is very much part of the design brief we launch.



Sarp Yachts  have state-of-the-art engineering. Every detail is thought through and tested so that the framework behind the luxury is absolutely reliable. On this framework we integrate the most exquisite finery, the most spectacular effects and the most innovative systems.

We can include them all because of our thorough understanding and exhaustive testing of engineering principles. Using industry-leading design programs our engineers and naval architects create 3D designs, updated in real time.

Every part of the technical team can log into the same data, achieving a reduction in total building time and improvement of quality for the final output.

Working in close collaboration with one of the world’s foremost naval architects, our in-house experts have total control of the build process from concept to launch. SARP offers a broad range of tested platforms on which various projects can be based.

A series of tank and propeller tests with programmes designed to analyse the performance, wave keeping and handling qualities on our yachts.

In co-operation with the relevant Classification Society, tests are conducted in a deep-water basin as well as depressurised towing tank.


Probably one of the most controversial talking points in super yacht building circles is the question of where a yacht is built, the quality and the cost. Sarp Yachts run a competitive pricing policy and is driven by R&D, efficiency, investment and modern management, supported by a highly skilled workforce operating in high tech environments.

Sarp Yachts run a competitive pricing policy and is driven by R&D, efficiency, investment and modern management, supported by a highly skilled workforce operating in high tech environments.

To ensure that Sarp Yachts can deliver world class yachts at sensible, highly competitive prices, we have various policies in place to cover quality, the environment, occupational health & safety and social responsibility.


To build reliable and comfortable boats at a minimum cost within the time limits and according to the quality standards in order to maintain maximum customer satisfaction;

To comply with and constantly improve the requirements of the applicable quality management system;

To serve with team spirit maintaining maximum satisfaction, health, safety, training and wellbeing of its employees and the personnel of the subcontractors;

To use our existing resources adequately, effectively and efficiently;

To work in mutual cooperation with our suppliers;

To fulfil responsibilities towards our physical and social environment.


Sarp Yachts undertakes to employ adequate technologies which have less impact on the environment in terms of global pollution during its design and production processes with an understanding of sustainable development.

To establish a structure that will constantly review the targets and objectives within the framework of our policy;

To ensure that energy, raw material and natural resources are used effectively;

To minimise environmental risks, to prevent pollution, to reduce wastes, and to ensure recycling;

To promote environmental protection awareness by training our employees, contractors and suppliers;

To comply with all the legal and other relevant requirements;

To monitor, measure and constantly improve activities by establishing an environmental management system.


To undertake that we will comply with all the applicable regulations on health and safety;

To apply the most suitable solutions based on our knowhow and experience in shipyard management by assessing risks notwithstanding coverage under the applicable regulations;

To organise the necessary training activities to ensure that our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is adopted and applied by our employees, subcontractors and contractors, and to create individual and social awareness on health and safety among all the employees;

To aim constant improvement through periodical review of performance in order to ensure sustainability of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System;

To ensure that each employee uses protective equipment at work in order to protect himself and the working atmosphere, and assumes the responsibility of contributing to prevention of the identified dangers and risks;

To take the necessary precautions in order to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, and to ensure constant improvement through periodical checkups and by reviewing the nature of accidents.

Our primary responsibility is to protect occupational health and safety of the employees in all our activities.

We believe that all accidents and occupational illnesses may be prevented, and in this context, we adopt “zero accident and occupational illness” as our sole target. 


We believe that future is young people.

Building a fine yacht is not just a joy in itself; it is a means of sharing our knowledge and experience with others, many of whom are just starting out in this industry. 

One of our key activities is working with technical schools in Turkey, helping to train young, highly motivated people in the advanced technologies and processes that we use to create our yachts.

We also follow through on a practical level, employing them afterwards in our shipyards and providing them with a solid start in their professional lives.

Our results have proved that when a young person is able to work with some of the finest experts in their field, as is the case in our shipyard, his or her own talents will bloom. Our concepts and techniques are in touch with the future and we are passing them on to future generations.



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