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Sarp Yachts expert team would take great pleasure restoring your yacht to its original glory, or totally redesign it according to any concept you can imagine. Our Refit work is done to the same high standards as our original Sarp Yachts, and we treat your ship as if it were our own.

A yacht can only be as good as its support.

Our expertise is highly valued for refits, refurbishments and repairs on vessels built else where. Once again, our engineering assets and technological skills are second to none.

Many a glamorous yacht has undergone often significant upgrading work in our facilities, with major improvements to the structure, systems, interiors and drive chains.

Sarp Yachts offers fully integrated refit services at its state-of-the-art facility in the Free Zone of Antalya, on the beautiful South coast of Turkey.

The shipyard features hauling and launching capacity up to 600 metric tons, soon to be upgraded to 1,200 tons. All classification provided.

Services and expertise include: full design and engineering office, structural work in steel, aluminium and composite, stainless steel work, engines & propulsion installation and maintenance, shafts alignment and propeller adjustment, steering, stabilizers, thrusters, hydraulics, electric and electronic systems, plumbing & piping, environmental systems, heating and air-conditioning, fire & safety systems, teak decks, painting.

The Antalya area is an exceptionally pleasant environment: the 630km shoreline of the province is literally scattered with ancient cities, harbours, memorial tombs and beaches, secluded coves and lush forests, many of which are easily accessible from the city.

Our dedicated refit team welcomes your projects. For all inquiries, please contact


Exterior paint, interior modifications, stainless steel and hardware works, plumbing, electricity and machinery maintenances. Fiberglass and epoxy-wood repair works. 


20 years boat had deeply refitted. Exterior paint, interior, stainless steel completely rebuilt. Plumbing and electricity mostly changed. Machinery and hardware had maintenance. Fiberglass repair works. 


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